What Are Passive Radiators in Speakers?

Passive radiators are used in many modern speakers because they are a terrific way to get a whole lot of extra oomph out of a sound system without diverting valuable energy into creating that lovely bass effect that we all enjoy so much. They are common in smaller, modern, computer-driven speaker systems largely because they … Read more

wireless home theatre bundle

Best Wireless Home Theatre Systems 2019

With the popularity of streaming services like Netflix, and Amazon Prime, people are watching more movies & TV series than ever. Not only has video quality improved with 4K and now 8K, but the audio quality has improved significantly with streaming services offering full 5.1 channel surround sound! You may think that installing a surround … Read more

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Are you looking to jump on the smart home bandwagon? There was a time, not so long ago, when if you told someone you had a smart home, they might have thought you meant you had a sharp looking house, or maybe you had installed thermopane windows or a heat pump or something. Today smart … Read more

Leon Elite Moving Art Screens

Presenting our Moving Art Leon’s Elite is our premier moving art solution. Its patented movement silently scrolls artwork up and down, revealing and concealing the TV behind it while perfectly framing the screen. Unlike any other system made, the Elite’s art is flush to the back of the picture frame, held in place magnetically and … Read more

Panasonic Smart Home

Baby It’s Wet Out There! Panasonic Smart Home Water leak detection notification. Sensor Only:  $49. Be alerted to the potential for water damage with this simple system from Panasonic. The Water Leak Sensor (KX-HNS103) teams up with Panasonic’s smart home Hub (KX-HNB600) to notify you via your smart phone app when water is detected. Available … Read more